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Sample of news articles
Seminal fluid and female choice 
IFLScience Female animals may want semen for more than just sperm
ABC Science Female neriid flies may seek out semen to nurture another male’s offspring
National Geographic Why Semen May Be Good For You (If You’re a Fly)

Telegonyneriid flies mate guarding
National Geographic Female Flies’ Previous Lovers Affect Size of Later Children
IFLScience Previous Sexual Partner’s Semen Can Influence Another Fly’s Offspring
Sydney Morning Herald Ghosts of mother’s sexual past show up in fly offspring, study shows
New Zealand Herald Offspring could take after mother’s ex-lover
Time How Previous Sexual Partners Affect Offspring
Science Daily Semen secrets: How a previous sexual partner can influence another male’s offspring
The Telegraph Could previous lovers influence appearance of future children?
The Guardian Your baby looks like your ex? This research is scarier than Alien
Washington Post Mom’s first boyfriend might influence later offspring (in flies, anyway)
Nature World News Fly Exes Influence Another Male’s Offspring
Popular Science Previous Sex Partners’ Semen Can Influence Fly Offspring
Newsweek Can Former Sex Partners Influence Offspring’s Traits?
Esquire New Study Says Your Baby Could Be Your Wife’s Ex’s Baby, Too
Modern Notion This Is Awkward: Previous Sexual Partners Can Influence Another Male’s Offspring
Jezebel You Are Not a Fruit Fly: Why You Should Side-Eye Science Headlines

Paternal effects in sea squirtsstyela 1
ABC Science Sperm’s contribution goes beyond its DNA
ABC Science Sex life of sea squirts revealed
Canberra Times Life thrives in sea squirt slow lane
The Oyster’s Garter Absence makes the sperm grow smaller
Suite101 Sea Squirts’ Complex Sex Lives
IBN Live When it comes to sex, sea squirts can teach men
Science Alert Brains and bodies
The Australian Sea squirts and tadpoles